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The staff at the Time and Attendance Consultant are experienced in all facets of time and attendance systems.


Collectively we have installed and implemented more than 2000 time and attendance systems from single time clock sites with under 10 employees to multi clock sites with 1000’s of employees. We know all the pitfalls, all the shortcuts and we have developed the systems to ensure that the implementation process is as streamlined and issue proof as possible.


Our senior staff have been providing implementation and project management services for more than 20 years. All staff members have worked at one time or another as a project manager in a time and attendance company. You can have the benefit of this knowledge at the fraction of the cost of hiring a consultant.


Our staff are also experienced is a broad range of industries. We have seen businesses very much like yours many times before. Our programme includes tips and advice on aspects of time and attendance which are relevant to your industry and its requirements. This means that the choice you make now will be able to grow with your business.







The easy way or the hard way...     


The choice is simple. Go it alone or make a very small investment and tap into the experience gained by our staff after completing more than 2000 time and attendance installations.


Remember that our packages come with money back guarantee so what have you got to lose?


You can start with the Introductory package for $29.95 and you can upgrade as you go or you can select the Advanced or Platinum Packages up front and save even more.








Our Experience...How much is that worth to you!
Eric was about to select a time clock for his business which employs 35 staff. He had spoken to a number of time clock suppliers and they all seemed to have a product that would suit his business. He had decided on one supplier and was about to place an order. Eric found the Time and Attendance Consultant web site and invested in the $29.95 Introductory Package. After reading the Time Clock selection guide Eric realised that he had almost placed an order for an electronic time clock that would simply not have worked in his application.

In Eric’s own words...” That $29.95 saved me from a very bad purchasing decision. I had no idea that the time clock was not suitable for my company. I simply didn’t ask the right questions of the salesman and he certainly didn’t tell me what the time clock wouldn’t do... I guess he spent all his time telling what it would do!
A $29.95 investment saved this company from making the wrong decision
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