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We provide three comprehensive guides to assist you to purchase the most appropriate Time Clock or  Time and Attendance System for your business. Whether you are a small medium of large business this guide will save you many times more that the modest price tag. We guarantee it!  The guide comes in three parts available for instant download. Lets take a look at what the these

packages offer...







This is the starting point for all businesses. After using the guide you will be intimately aware of all the products available on the market, which ones will best suit your application and you will be fully aware of the investment and the cost of ownership of your chosen product. You will be armed with the information you need to source suitable suppliers, negotiate for products and important services. You will forewarned of the challenges you may face during the purchase and implementation process. You will have a purchase and implementation plan including and  agreement with your supplier. You will understand the limitations of each product and you will have evaluated the requirement for additional award interpretation.
This package is designed for those companies who already know they require additional award interpretation software or have established the need for additional software after completing the introductory package.
After using the guide you will have a clear understanding of the award interpretation requirements of your business and you will be able to match those requirements to a suppliers product. You will have a selection and purchase plan.  You will have a supplier agreement with a clear delivery time frames for the all aspects of the implementation.  In short you have a project management system designed to save you time and money!
You can download a FREE Sample of the guide and Try before you Buy!
The final package in our program  expands on the Advanced Package with more  detailed information designed specifically for large multi-site businesses where the selection of software and the implementation of both hardware and software has a greater impact on the business as a whole. You can rest assured that every aspect of implementation is covered including the specific briefs for your Finance, Operations,  Information Technology, Human Resources and Industrial Relations department. You project manager does not need to reinvent the wheel...the Time and Attendance Consultant has done all of the hard work before.
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