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Product Review - Actatek Time Clock

The Actatek time clock has some impressive features but how did it stand up to our testing.  We tested the Mifare Smartcard /fingerprint combo model. It features a web interface served up via its embedded web engine making. Time and attendance functionality plus some of the most advanced access control features you are likely to see on any stand alone device. Hectric is an internationally recognised and award winning product ...but does it deserve the accolades?

If you would like to listen to the results of  testing performed by the Time and Attendance Consultant please click on the sound bytes link below or watch the complete video.

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The Actatek web interface is accessed through your Internet browser. The set up menu is extensive but logically set out and very easy to follow. Some of the more useful features are the multiple access groups which can be allocated to employees restricting log in times or access control (door entry).

The Actatek features an SNTP functionality which ensures that the time is always correct. The unit can also be used to control an external siren.

Another nice feature is the backup utility which could be improved by adding automated backups. While the reporting is adequate is does lack any award rules capabilities and it does have a problem calculating hours when the work day starts before midnight and ends the next day.

Web Interface Access Impressive Features
The Actatek has a very impressive feature list including multiple reader types, primary secondary functionality with full replication. Massive potential users (up to 20,000), DHCP, multilingual support and much more.
Optional extras include internal CMOS camera, external readers and easy integration with external databases which facilitates integration with third party time and attendance software providers.