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Award Interpretation Software

Award Interpretation Software is a component of  a time and attendance software program specifically designed to apply specific award or business pay rules to raw clocking times.  Award interpretation Software is the engine behind the calculation of employee payroll hours while time and attendance software is the user interface allowing the viewing, editing and reporting of information in the system.

Advanced Award Interpretation Software is widely available but it is quite variable in performance. When evaluating any time and attendance software solution particular attention should be given to the ability off the award interpretation software to cope with your particular business or award rules.


If your business employees more than 30 staff it is likely that you will benefit from implementing Time and Attendance Software. Given that the Award Interpretation Software is so important in achieving a benefit from the system it makes sense to take particular care when selecting your product . The time and attendant Consultant’s Advanced Guide to Time and Attendance is an excellent starting place for those companies considering implementing a Time and Attendance system. The guide covers all aspects of hardware and software selection, supplier evaluation, implementation , testing and project review.

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