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Fingerprint Time Clocks

Fingerprint Time Clocks have become a popular alternative to punch clocks which traditionally use cards of swipe tags as the method of clocking in or out. Fingerprint time clocks are designed to ensure that employees cannot clock in or out for each other thus avoiding the possibility of employee  “buddy punching”


In practice, Fingerprint Time Clocks are often problematic as the fingerprints of employees in certain industry applications can be prone to damage and dirt. This can compromise the ability of the fingerprint reader to recognize an individual and , in some cases, render the system impractical.

The success of a fingerprint time clock in your application will depend on a number of factors including the quality of  the fingerprint time clock, your industry type, industrial relations factors and general workplace culture. For a more detailed look at fingerprint time clocks and the other biometric alternatives click on this link.