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In a recent survey of over 500 companies who had purchased a bundy clock or time and attendance system in the last 12 months over 60% of the respondents were dissatisfied the product, the value for money or the implementation process.

When given a complimentary copy of the Time and Attendance Consultant’ Introductory Guide 100% of the respondents said that if they had the guide before they had purchased their new system they would not have lost so much valuable time and money.

These guides are full of vital information based on the experienced gained form over 2000 implementations in companies just like your s. Join our Free Tips Series TODAY!

Includes the Biometric Time Clock Buyer’s Guide!

Included in your Free Subscription  to the Introductory Guide to Time and Attendance you will also receive a copy or the Biometric Time Clock Guide. This guide unveils some of the mysteries surrounding biometric time clocks. A must for anyone thinking of using this relatively new and often unsatisfactory technology