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Payroll and Time and Attendance

One of the most valuable features of a good time and attendance system is the automation of  the data entry process associated with payroll preparation. It is by no means certain that this process will straight forward.

Payroll integration can be either direct - the time and attendance software integrates directly with the payroll software data base or indirectly where the time and attendance software produces a payroll export file in the format required by the payroll software.

Mostly payroll and time and attendance systems use the latter method of integration. While this offers the greatest flexibility in that it provides for integration into  a wide range of payroll systems it also means that there will generally be some customisation to suit your payroll codes  which in many cases are user defined.

Direct integration alternatives generally imply a closer relationship or involvement between the respective payroll and time and attendance providers. This is because there needs to be two way communication between the two databases and that in itself requires a greater development commitment between the two entities than a simple import file.

The Time and Attendance Consultant’s Advanced Guide includes information which will assist in both understanding the integration process and a more detailed implementation guide.

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