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Portable  Time Clock Solutions

Portable Time Clock Solutions have been available for some time but there are many unsuitable products that have found their way into  Time and Attendance Software market. In the main, these products are simply GPRS enabled bundy clocks or punch clocks.


The problem with conventional time clock technology is that it is simply not robust enough for the applications which demand a portable solution such as the mining, construction and onsite services industries.  

In these industries specifically, the time clocks are frequently subjected to mechanical shock, exposed to the elements and frequently moved from location to  location. Conventional technology is likely to fail under such conditions. Additionally, GPRS based communications can problematic in these applications due to interference or lack of network coverage.

When sourcing a portable time clock solution as part of an overall time and attendance solution ,your selection of time clock hardware should focus more on reliability and durability of the product rather than the technical wizardry available in the communications area. More often than not the best use of hi tech devices is more as ancillary product for those job functions requiring more functionality such as site managers who may need to collect attendance information from the site.




The  Time and Attendance Consultant’s Guides will provide further information on hardware, software and implementation considerations

It is important to remember that the data collection devices  are only part of a complete system which includes management software and, in some cases award interpretation and payroll integration. With this in mind your selection criteria should extend beyond the data collection devices through software features and supplier suitability. There is no doubt that your organisation will benefit from a thorough investigation of the products available. The Time and Attendance Consultant’s Guides provide  wealth of information enabling you to make the best possible hardware and software selection.  You can download a sample of the Advanced Guide by clicking on the link on the right.

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