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Managing employee costs with Time Attendance Software

Employee times are collected electronically via the local or wide area network from time clocks or electronic time sheets
Payroll Staff view collected times, edit missing clocking add leave
The award interpreter automatically calculates employee payroll hours
Payroll hours are checked by the payroll officer and exported to the Payroll Software

The Time Collection and Interpretation Process Process

This is the term for a program generally designed to collect employee start and finish times  from a punch clock or electronic time sheet and process those time according to the award or business rules set up in the internal award interpreter. The software will then provide an export file suitable for importing into your chosen payroll system

Time Clock Systems can be a very complex process and often newcomers find the transition from manual paper systems to electronic systems quite daunting. In a manual system the employee generally fills in a time sheet with the nominal start and finish time. By comparison an electronic time clock will record the exact time of the employee clock in and clock out down to the second. This means that the time and attendance software has to make a decision on how to treat a clocking that may be before or after the allocated start or finish time. This is just one area where the payroll rules have to be translated from the knowledge possessed by your payroll department and translated into business of award rules which the Software can evaluate.

While the process of translating these rules can be time consuming this will translate into some significant benefits for your business. Aside from the clear benefits provided by capturing more accurate employee attendance times you will also gain a very significant reduction in the time it takes to process a payroll and the labour required to do so. Additionally, some estimates suggest that you may save up to 3 percent of your annual wages and salaries costs by dramatically reducing time theft and accidental overpayments to employee due to calculation errors. Lets take a closer look at the potential savings. For a 50 employee site...

Potential Savings = Annual Wages Bill ($1,560,000) X 3%  = $46,800
Even if you only saved on quarter of this amount this would still equate to approximately the cost of the entire time and attendance system giving you a return on investment in the first year. The savings are of course ongoing. All you need to do is select the right product and the right provider... And this is where we can help.
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If your business employs more than 30 staff it is likely that you will benefit from implementing Employee Management Software. Given that award interpretation software is so important in achieving a benefit from the system it makes sense to take particular care when selecting your product.

The Time Attendance Consultant’s Advanced Guide is an excellent starting place companies considering implementing a time and attendance system. The guide covers all aspects of hardware and software selection, supplier evaluation, implementation, testing and project review. Each stage in the process is explained in detail giving you the best chance to get the most out of your prospective supplier and the best chance for a successful and trouble free implementation.  

The guide comes with a 100% money back guarantee that it will save you many time the investment.

A Case Study in Time Attendance.
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